Economic Development Highlighted in State of the State

Governor McMaster emphasized the State’s economic development accomplishments in his State of the State Address Wednesday night.  Some of those highlights include:

  • Announcing 120 projects in 2022, creating over 14,000 new jobs with $10B in new capital investment, which is almost two and a half times as much as 2021, including:
    • Redwood Materials that invested $3.5 billion in Berkeley County, which is the single largest announcement in South Carolina’s history
    • BMW’s $1.7B investment, which is the State’s second largest investment ever
    • Bosch’s $460M combined investment in Anderson and Dorchester
  • Quadrupling its foreign direct investment from the previous year

The Governor also discussed investment in economic development, including:

  • $500M that will allow the SC Department of Commerce to satisfy outstanding obligations without borrowing money
  • $200M that will allow the department to identify and secure industrial sites
  • $380M in remaining ARPA funds be used to for sewer and water projects
  • $850M to continue speeding up road projects, repair or repave local roads and fix over 400 bridges

Among other initiatives the Governor highlighted teachers’ salaries and workforce development, including:

  • Increasing teachers’ salaries and making the new minimum starting teacher salary at $42,500. The Governor stated his teacher salary goal is having a minimum starting salary of at least $50,000 by 2026
  • $100M to fund the Battelle Alliance, a nuclear sciences research partnership consisting of USC, Clemson, SC State, and Savannah River National Lab, which will develop a pipeline of new talent to fill engineering, science, research, and management positions

The State of the State Address can be read here.

The SC State Ports Authority Presents Highlights to a Ways and Means subcommittee

Led by the SC State Ports Authority President and CEO Barbara Melvin, the Ports’ team highlighted many of its goals and accomplishments in its presentation to the Economic Development Subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Leon Stavrinakis (D-Charleston).

The SCPA presentation can be read here.  [Insert link]

Judicial Elections Date Set

The General Assembly set February 8 as the date to elect judges and college and board trustees.  Included in this election are the SC Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Circuit Court, as well as many State college and university boards.

Senate Continues Debate on School Choice

The Senate continued its debate on S. 39, by Senator Larry Grooms (R-Berkeley).  The bill would set aside money for parents who meet certain qualifications to send their children to a school in another district or a private school.  This legislation passed the Senate last year after a lengthy debate.  Prior to adjourning Thursday, the Senate voted 25-15 to set a time certain to give the bill second reading Tuesday and to only allow the opposition eight amendments and the proponents 8 amendments with 5 minute debates allowed for and against each amendment.

House Ways and Means Subcommittee Continues Work on Budget

House Ways and Means subcommittees heard from agencies this week as work continues to put together the State budget.  The House Ways and Means subcommittees will conclude work in time for the full Committee to take the budget up February 21.

Introductions of Note


Rep. Randy Ligon (R-Chester)

A bill to prohibit extensions of water and sewer that are conditions of annexation.

H. 3783

Rep. Bill Sandifer (R-Oconee)

A joint resolution to allow the SC Department of Employment and Workforce Review Committee to nominate less than three qualified candidates for the position of executive director. 

H. 3805

Rep. Chris Hart (D-Richland)

This bill sets a minimum wage base of $17.00 per hour.

H. 3808

Rep. Chris Hart (D-Richland)

This bill provides that an electrical utility in this State must bury all new electrical power transmission lines installed within the boundaries of a municipality.

H. 3810

Rep. Jason Elliott (R-Greenville)

To provide that corporate license fees do not apply to any portion of the first $50M of certain capital stock.

H. 3811

Rep. Jason Elliott (R-Greenville)

A bill related to the Industry Partnership Fund Tax Credit, so as to increase the credit to $12M from $9M.

H. 3824

Reps. Brandon Newton (R-Lancaster).

Related to the Alternative Fuel Income Tax Credit, this bill adds electrical equipment to the definition of “eligible property” and adds electricity to the definition of “alternative fuel.”