SC Economic Development



Best Practices

The SCEDA Local Developers Committee and staff from the South Carolina Department of Commerce have adopted a “Best Practices” report.  Please click here to download a copy of the report. 

History of the Report

The South Carolina Economic Developers’ Association and the South Carolina Department of Commerce formed the Best Practices Committee, chaired by Fred Humes of the Aiken Edgefield Economic Development Partnership, to examine the way the professional economic developers and allies in the state conduct the business of recruitment. The Committee was further tasked to make their recommendations in the form of “best practices.” It is obvious that “best” practices may not apply to all interactions at all times nor are they meant to restrict creativity in the recruiting process. The Best Practices Committee examined the current practices and, where applicable, suggested changes in the procedures. The Committee acknowledges the principles set forth by the SCEDA Local Developers Committee in their meeting in December 2001 and has attempted to incorporate them in this document. The Committee did not attempt to solve all the problems or to address all situations. It also did not attempt to find fault in the manner in which some of the allies conduct business. The Committee addressed primary issues with the goal of suggesting ways the process could be made better.


SCEDA is pleased to present the Economic Development Handbook. This handbook provides an excellent introduction to the economic development process in South Carolina.

The handbook discusses the following points:

  • Role of Elected Officials
  • Incentives
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Business Retention & Expansion

The Economic Development Handbook is available in print format and via the online format. Please contact the SCEDA office for additional information.