Please call or text your House member and ask them to support H.5118, the “South Carolina Ten-Year Energy Transformation Act.” Your outreach is essential to passing H.5118.

H.5118, which is in House Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry, will address energy capacity, particularly natural gas, in South Carolina by enacting legislation that will:

  1. Meet energy needs of the State
  2. Ensure grid reliability
  3. Make sure generation and transmission providers are able to plan, site and construct new and replacement generation and transmission resources through joint ventures
  4. Streamline the permitting processes

To view the House LCI Committee list, click here.

To view the full House list, click here.

Legislative leaders are fighting to enact the policies we need to ensure we can meet our current and future generation needs, and they need our help.  The voice of economic developers throughout the state matters, so please call your representatives to express your support and ask for theirs.

The LCI Committee vote could happen as early as next week with the full House voting soon after so please call and/or email today.

Thank you for making this request of your House member and for making a difference.


Sandy Steele and John Wall

Legislative Committee Co-Chairs